Thursday (1/18/18) Pickup Route Postponed

Thursday (1/18/18) Pickup Route Postponed

Due to the continued ice on the roads (especially the secondary and rural roads), we will be unable to run the Thursday trash pick up route.
We will perform the make up route on Saturday (1/20/18).
Again, we hate to inconvenience you; however, our driver called us from the road this morning to tell us the truck was still slipping all over the road when he attempted to start the route.
Thank you for your patience, and we hope you’re all staying safe and warm!
Labor Day – Makeup Route

Labor Day – Makeup Route

Happy Labor Day everybody! As usual, this Monday we will be off; enjoying Labor Day with our families… so we will not be performing trash pickup on that day. However, we will run a makeup route for your garbage collection the following Wednesday, September 7th.

Again, if your trash pickup day is Monday, please just have your can out to the street on Wednesday!

We hope everyone has a safe Labor Day weekend!

Spring Cleaning!

Spring Cleaning!

That time of year is finally here: packing up the winter clothes and preparing the home for the arrival of summer. With that comes the yearly routine of ridding the house of all the unwanted and unused garbage that has been collecting and taking up precious space. Let 3 Star Waste help with the hassle! Our county and rural trash pickup service can eliminate the worst part of spring cleaning… multiple trips to the dump. Let our garbage collection service do the trick!

Currently servicing the areas of Wilson, Smith, Cannon, and Rutherford counties, we can ensure the last trip you made to the dump was exactly that, THE LAST! Our rural trash pickup service will provide you with a 90 gal. wheeled trash can and weekly rural trash pickup. Click here, to see our route schedule, and find out when our garbage collection services your home. Get back to doing what you love, and let us deal with the dump.

Sign up now at our Request Service page, or call us directly @ 615-785-4585 and one our representatives will guide you through how our garbage collection works, and get you set for your weekly curbside rural trash pickup service.

Holiday Schedule – makeup routes

Holiday Schedule – makeup routes

We hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!

There’s a lot hassle with at the end of year, and your trash pickup shouldn’t be one of those things!

Here is the schedule of makeup routes for your garbage collection on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and New Years Eve:

Holiday Makeup Route
Thanksgiving Day (Thursday, Nov. 26th) Wednesday, Nov. 25th
Christmas Eve (Thursday, Dec. 24th) Wednesday, Dec. 23rd
New Years Eve (Thursday, Dec. 31st) Wednesday, Dec. 30th

As always, if you would like to begin trash service, sign up here today!

From your neighborhood trash pickup service, 3 Star Waste… HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Always getting better

Always getting better

As you may have heard, 3 Star Waste now offers Rural Trash Pickup in 5 Counties here in Middle Tennessee! They are: Wilson County, Smith County, Dekalb County, Cannon County, and most recently- Rutherford County. As we are a growing company (and still young), many residents and small business owners in these communities still don’t even realize that trash pickup or waste removal is available to them… much less curbside trash pickup for JUST $27 per Month!

Smith, Wilson, and Trousdale Counties are where we got our start. Most of our very first Rural Trash Pickup customers reside on the back roads of Hickman, Brush Creek, New Middleton, Carthage, South Carthage, Gordonsville, and Lebanon. A few of these communities have limited trash pickup in the city, but hardly any companies offer service outside the city limits or out in the country and rural areas. Being from communities like these, where trash pickup was not an option for us either, we felt like the service would be greatly appreciated… and it has been!

After a few months, we got our very first Watertown trash pickup customer. We did not realize how greatly the service was needed there, since Watertown does not have trash pickup even inside the city limits!

Watertown quickly turned into Alexandria, Liberty, Liberty Hill, Statesville, Milton, and Norene… and still, we have continued to be surprised at the lack of Trash Pickup and waste removal services offered in these areas. The best option is usually the guy up the street that does it (when he can). Unfortunately, when pickups get missed IT’S NASTY! Nobody wants their trash sitting on the side of the house for weeks at a time!

Call 3 Star Waste… or click HERE to sign up online, and we will pick up your trash from the curb for just $27 per month! With enough customers in a single neighborhood we are even able to cut rates to as low as $17.50 per month for Neighborhood Trash Pickup (That’s an annual savings of $114!). So, it really is in your best interest to let your neighbors know about 3 Star Waste. Not to mention, we even give you 1 month of service FREE for each referral you send our way!

Since we recently wrote an article about adding on our new Cannon County Trash Pickup Route, we won’t go into too much detail. Just keep in mind: if you know anyone that lives in Auburntown, Woodbury, Iconium, Readyville, Bradyville, Centertown, or anywhere else in Cannon County… spread the word. 3 Star Waste is your Rural Trash Pickup Company!!!

P.S. feel free to leave us a Google Review or Facebook Like/Comment!

Expanding services! (Cannon County)

Expanding services! (Cannon County)

Hello all!

Due to a large number of recent inquiries 3 Star Waste is proud to announce that we are soon expanding our rural trash pickup service! In just a short matter of weeks we will be offering trash pickup in the rural communities of Cannon County, TN! That means rural trash pickup will now be available in Woodbury, Auburntown, Bluewing, Bradyville, Gassaway, Hopewell, Iconium, Midway, Readyville, and Sugar Tree Knob!

This makes Cannon County our fifth county to service with rural trash pickup for JUST $27 a month! Cannon County now joins Smith, Wilson, and Dekalb Counties as part of the 3 Star Waste family!

If you know anyone that lives in Cannon County; spread the word that they will soon be able to receive WEEKLY TRASH PICKUP no matter where they live in Cannon County for just $27 per month! Just ask the residents of Hickman, Brush Creek, Gordonsville, Alexandria, Watertown, Liberty, Lebanon, and Carthage; for rural trash pickup call 615-785-4585, or just visit our request service page.

If you have any questions, please check out our FAQs, or you can ask us a direct questions on our contact us page.

Looking ahead

Looking ahead

At 3 Star Waste, we are always looking for ways to be better! In the last several months, doing rural trash pickup in the Smith County and Wilson County communities, we have realized just how much trash is being thrown away… trash that could easily be recycled!

It might amaze you (it did us) to learn just how much our trash is literally piling up in our own backyard! Check out this Landfill video RIGHT HERE in Smith County!

It is an actual MOUNTAIN of trash! Many people don’t realize that much of the trash you see in this video is actually recyclable- including the paper, cardboard, plastic, and even some household metal. If we can help reduce our collective footprint, all by just pitching our recyclables into a separate bag or container… sign us up!

We are in the process of working out the logistics, so please let us know your feedback! Please leave a comment below with your opinion (current or potential 3 Star Waste customers only): If you could add $3-7 to your monthly bill and put all of your recyclable items into a separate bag(s) or can(s) to help contribute to the recycling effort… would you?

As we understand it now, you may not even have to separate your recyclable items; you would just need to keep them in a separate container than the trash. How cool is that!?
We greatly value your opinion as our customers, so please drop us a line! Thanks again and as always don’t forget to tell all your friends and neighbors that they can also enjoy rural trash pickup for JUST $27 per MONTH! We will give you ONE FREE MONTH of service for everybody you refer just to show our appreciation!

To start your trash pickup service, sign up here: Request Service