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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does 3 Star Waste provide me a trash can?
A. Absolutely, if you would like one! However, if you already have a serviceable 96 gallon can, you are more than welcome to use it. We’ll need to put a 3 Star Waste label on it, for our drivers’ reference.

Q. What if I miss my pickup date?
A. Unfortunately, based upon our driver schedules, we would need to pick up your trash the following week.

Q. How do I pay my bill?
A. You will receive a bill from us by email, which will have your total amount due. That email will have a secure pay link in it; simply click it and fill in your credit/debit/ACH information.

Q. I can’t find my bill. How can I still pay?
A. No worries! The fastest method is you can request another quarterly (or Semi-annual) period of trash pick up service online here. We will update your contact information in our system, and you will receive your future invoices to that.

Q. Will my extra bags be picked up, if I have any?
A. Yes! Per the 3 Star Waste Rates & Guidelines, the bag limit only what you can fit in your trash can; additional bags are $2.00 each, and charges are applied to the next billing cycle, following the pickup.

NOT TO WORRY! – We do not enforce these charges for the “occasional extra bag”. This rule is meant for pickups following holidays when everyone has extra trash, and for customers who consistently have extra trash.

Q. What if I want to discontinue my service?
A. While we certainly hope this won’t be the case, if you’re not happy with, or no longer need 3 Star Waste to pick up your trash simply notify us in writing (email is preferred) to discontinue your billing. Your service will continue until we have fulfilled your prepaid order.