Weekly Pick Up Service

Please start your service by providing the following info


Curbside Service Program Rules & Guidelines

  • As our routes are subject to change we cannot guarantee your exact pickup time-of-day each week, we will be
    there as soon as possible!: Therefore, ALL TRASH MUST BE ON THE CURB NO LATER THAN 6:00 AM ON PICK UP DAY
  • If service is unavailable due to weather conditions or otherwise we will post updates and/or make-up routes online
    at www.3starwaste.com, and/or the 3 Star Waste Facebook page. Please feel free to call us as well.
  • All trash must be securely bagged and tied. (We cannot pick up loose trash)
  • Please limit bag weight to around 20 lbs. to prevent injury to our workers.
  • No dead animals
  • No automotive batteries
  • No televisions or computers
  • No vehicle tires of any kind
  • No roofing/construction materials
  • No paints or stains
  • No grease or liquids
  • No hazardous materials

Please note: The Curb-Side Service Program is Pre-Pay only – There are no refunds.

  • If you choose to pay-by-check the minimum billing cycle is quarterly: Month-to-month billing is only available for
    card paying customers.
  • Automated payments are available for card paying customers.
  • Bag limit per pickup is only what you can fit in container.
  • Additional Bags are $2.00 each and charges are applied to the next billing cycle following the pickup
  • Any trash can received from 3 Star Waste, LLC is the property of 3 Star Waste, LLC. Should your service be
  • discontinued, the can is to be returned in the condition it was received. Failure to do so will result in a $75.00
    charge for the can’s replacement.
  • If you already have a trash can, we will apply a 3 Star Waste, LLC label to the sides of the can for the reference of
    our drivers.
  • We will notify you in writing (mail or email) with any future amendments to these rates & guidelines