Looking ahead

Looking ahead

At 3 Star Waste, we are always looking for ways to be better! In the last several months, doing rural trash pickup in the Smith County and Wilson County communities, we have realized just how much trash is being thrown away… trash that could easily be recycled!

It might amaze you (it did us) to learn just how much our trash is literally piling up in our own backyard! Check out this Landfill video RIGHT HERE in Smith County!

It is an actual MOUNTAIN of trash! Many people don’t realize that much of the trash you see in this video is actually recyclable- including the paper, cardboard, plastic, and even some household metal. If we can help reduce our collective footprint, all by just pitching our recyclables into a separate bag or container… sign us up!

We are in the process of working out the logistics, so please let us know your feedback! Please leave a comment below with your opinion (current or potential 3 Star Waste customers only): If you could add $3-7 to your monthly bill and put all of your recyclable items into a separate bag(s) or can(s) to help contribute to the recycling effort… would you?

As we understand it now, you may not even have to separate your recyclable items; you would just need to keep them in a separate container than the trash. How cool is that!?
We greatly value your opinion as our customers, so please drop us a line! Thanks again and as always don’t forget to tell all your friends and neighbors that they can also enjoy rural trash pickup for JUST $27 per MONTH! We will give you ONE FREE MONTH of service for everybody you refer just to show our appreciation!

To start your trash pickup service, sign up here: Request Service

Trash pickup transitions

Trash pickup transitions

Thank you! Our customers who’ve helped us by adjusting their trash pickup days… growth brings its challenges, and WE ARE SO appreciative of you!

Since we’ve started providing rural trash pickup service to Wilson, Smith, Dekalb, Cannon, and Rutherford Counties… there have been a number of things we’ve learned:

1st) Rural trash pickup service is something that many people need.

2nd) Garbage collection is something that just about everyone can afford.

3rd) Rural trash pickup is a service that everyone should have access to.

When we founded 3 Star Waste… these principles were all had to begin. Rural areas should have trash collection; simply because someone lives outside of Alexandria, TN… doesn’t mean that they should just have to take their garbage to the dump.

If you’re interested in rural trash pickup and garbage collection, please visit our signup page: Request Service

We, at 3 Star Waste, cannot wait to see what kind of further growth the future holds, in our providing affordable rural trash pickup service to all of our customers… and all of our customers to come.